My real health journey started sometime after I graduate college. By this time, I had developed a pretty bad relationship with food. I had tried almost every “fad diet” & starvation before settling on the lack luster old school body builder diet. At this point in life my “health goals” aligned very much with being as lean as possible all year round. Balance, who?? Everything was carefully weighed & packed. There were “good foods” and “bad foods” and “cheats days”…followed by strenuous cardio of course. It really became an obsession, I started working in the fitness industry as well which sort of all glorified this unattainable perfect aesthetic.

I knew I needed a change. I focused on the idea of this lifestyle. A lifestyle that mirrored how I wanted to look and feel. I started experimenting with different types of foods and colors. I watched countless Youtube videos. Food really became something that I enjoyed. No macros, no food scales, no day 4 chicken breast (thank god!!).

I started to focus on incorporating more vegetables and flavors into my diet. I started recreating my favorites with a healthy spin. I started paying attention to how my food was making me feel whether good or bad. I started breaking negative patterns around food like starving through the day, binging at night, and boredom snacking. I cut out as many processed foods as I could. When I tell you that food has changed my life and overall quality of life. I am NOT kidding. It all started from the inside out.

My goal is to support YOU in nourishment and fueling of your body from the inside out. Our health is the most important aspect of our lives. I want to help you look but mostly importantly FEEL good.